8 kiddos

8 kiddos

Friday, April 27, 2012

latest photos

A few recent photos...

Still not walking, but happy to stand and play swords with big brother.

 Tuna salad is no longer made from those cute little cans.  Hello, food service cans.

 Last weekend the kids made a restaurant for us.  The six older ones were dressed in black and white, they used the good china, they printed a menu and served us well.  
Lars checked in on us frequently :)  
A fun evening!

 Here's one last shot before Hans got a "big boy" haircut.  
Stay tuned for anew photo of our little guy...

 Our chickens are growing feathers and have more than doubled in size.  They have outgrown the plastic pool and are now living in a brooder made of vinyl flooring and plywood.  A few more weeks and these little birdies can move out of our basement and into the sweet coop that Matt is building.   

The bubble is balanced between Hannah and Megan.  Looks like little sister is on her way to being taller!

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