8 kiddos

8 kiddos

Thursday, August 18, 2011

warm kids, cold lake

With Matt on-call tonight, the kids and I decided to spend our evening at the lake.  I'm usually a big fan of the traditional family supper around the table at home, but I took tonight off and we ate fast food in the car (while wearing swimsuits).  It was a beautiful evening with temps in the low 80's, but the water is still shockingly cold.  My brave little swimmers never went in past their middles, but they had a great time splashing and throwing rocks.  We're so thankful for these beautiful summer nights!


I love that sweet, pouty Rachel in the middle!  I helped her get up on the big anchor.  Apparently, she wanted to get up there "all by herself!"

Monday, August 15, 2011

Trouble with photography

This is Hannah.
It is very hard to photograph small people.
I tried for a while this morning but had no luck.
Here are some examples:



We took a mini-vacation up the north shore on saturday.  It was a beautiful day to marvel at God's creation and relax together as a family.  We watched the full moon rise over Lake Superior while driving home with a van full of sleeping kids - great way to end the day!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Luke Quote

We just had finished supper and Mom said: O.K jobs prevail! Luke Quickly said back (while half laughing) No. Jobs DERAIL! Everybody laughed for quite awhile...  

By Megan :)


 This is Grandma, Hannah and me.
 Hannah and I had lots of fun in the big swimming pool!

 We got to jump on trampolines hooked onto bungie cords! It was pretty fun!

 We also had really good food!

 In this picture my mouth is full of corn. That is why I am not smiling as much... :)
 This is us by a VERY small float plane.
 This is a person who jumped out of a airplane, this particular person from the team stayed up the longest  
and they sang the national anthem as it came down! (It was the last one to come down, when ALL the other people were down, that is when someone sang the national anthem - part of the show!)  
 This is a harrier jet!

 After all this we got pretty tired...
Grandpa & Grandma Larsen took us to Oshkosh Wisconsin for the Oshkosh air show I had LOTS of fun!

Thanks Grandpa & Grandma L. :)