8 kiddos

8 kiddos

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun at Gooseberry falls

This is Megan reporting on our latest adventure at Gooseberry falls.
We went on Tuesday afternoon. Tuesdays are always fun because it is my Dad's day off! This Tuesday we decided to go to Gooseberry falls.
 Rachel is walking to the picnic spot. 
 Della is happy to be at Gooseberry falls!
 This is the view from the picnic table. I think it is beautiful!
 Here we are having our picnic... sandwiches, apples, grapes, crackers, lemonade and snicker bars.
 The falls are really flowing!

 I think this is the most beautiful picture I took.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

AWANA Grand Prix

Hi! my name is Luke.
I am going to tell you about the AWANA Grand Prix.
On Wednesday night, we went to the AWANA Grand Prix. Below, the picture shows my car,
about to race.  My car is the white one with flames on it.

Hannah got 3rd place for the design of her car.

That is Megan's car.
                and there is my car.