8 kiddos

8 kiddos

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flood waters

We are so thankful to live on the hill where the flood waters did not cause much damage in the past few days.  Here are some shots of the "tiny" streams in our yard.  Such a strange feeling to stand in the yard and hear the sound of rushing water all around.  Such beauty and power!


 I actually have seven children creating great works of play-dough at the same time.  
This led the older kiddos to animated film production/claymation fun.  

 This week we had a great art teacher volunteer to come and inspire new masterpieces.  She let them use all sorts of wonderful supplies - new papers, chalk, charcoal, markers, pencils, paints...
Each child has their own little book to fill with drawings until she comes again.  

big fish

Luke caught this bass on a special date with dad and grandpa.  Who has the biggest smile?

Beach house

Our family is blessed to spend a few precious days each year with good friends from Michigan.  
This year we spent our time on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan.  
Sunny days, colorful sunsets, good food and sweet friends.

tea party

The girls and I were invited to a real tea party in honor of a friend's birthday.  
Such a fun, formal affair!
 Yes, that's my Laura Ashley dress & hat, circa 1994.  I guess this is why I hung on to them!

Backyard triathlon

A few weeks ago the kids hosted their own backyard triathlon.  
Run.  Bike.  Obstacle Course.