8 kiddos

8 kiddos

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Guess we'll always remember the "leap-day blizzard" of 2012!  We got over 10 inches of snow in the last 24 hours.  It's the fun kind of snow that can be molded into igloos and snowballs.  So much fun!
 Rachel is learning to dig big holes and defend herself against our playful husky puppy.

 Della is also on the defense against brothers, snowballs and dogs.

 Note the goggles on the little guy.  He's just too cute.
Love a snow day!

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  1. WE FINALLY GOT SNOW TO on leap year day TOO !!!! 9 1/2 inch. of snow!!!!!!!!!!! Catherine played for almost 3 hours put there . Snowball fights, forts made, snowmen , and i forgot the rest :). Had to much fun . Come back sooooooooooonnnnnnnn !!!!