8 kiddos

8 kiddos

Monday, August 1, 2011


 This is Grandma, Hannah and me.
 Hannah and I had lots of fun in the big swimming pool!

 We got to jump on trampolines hooked onto bungie cords! It was pretty fun!

 We also had really good food!

 In this picture my mouth is full of corn. That is why I am not smiling as much... :)
 This is us by a VERY small float plane.
 This is a person who jumped out of a airplane, this particular person from the team stayed up the longest  
and they sang the national anthem as it came down! (It was the last one to come down, when ALL the other people were down, that is when someone sang the national anthem - part of the show!)  
 This is a harrier jet!

 After all this we got pretty tired...
Grandpa & Grandma Larsen took us to Oshkosh Wisconsin for the Oshkosh air show I had LOTS of fun!

Thanks Grandpa & Grandma L. :)

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  1. Is Matt flying the Harrier Jet? "Hit the brakes and they'll fly right by..."